Who we are?

MaxxCaptial Ventures is an investment fund and an information center for the global blockchain industry.

The company aims to provide news, educate the community, incubate and support potential global Blockchain projects. We strive to bring transparency and organization to the world, thereby maximizing investor value.

Who do we seek for?

Our main focus is on blockchain technology Layer1 BTC, ETH, ALEO, Blockchain AI, Layer2 ZK.

What do you provide?

MaxxCaptial Ventures has a large investor community and believes in the blockchain revolution. With a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs,we believe in supporting other entrepreneurs.

Funding, connecting, mentoring, and promoting the entrepreneurs' productss to our investor community is a part of what we do when we work with a project. We combine a diverse skill set from entrepreneurship, product marketing, operations management, technology strategy, deal execution and fundraising. Our extensive network will open doors to potential partners and customers. If you think you make a good fit, let's get started today.

Our Team

Victor Dang Thang

Mr.Victor Dang Thang CEO

Mr Siro BTC

Mr.Siro BTC Founder

Mr Kaka

Mr.Kaka CIO

Mr Ngo Trung

Mr.Ngo Trung Co-founder

Mr Giang Blue

Mr.Giang Blue Co-founder

Mr Jony Nguyen

Mr.Jony Nguyen Co-founder